The 7 Utterances of Christ on the Cross

     A Guide for Living Rightly and Ascension

                                                          By Reverend Marc G. Cowden 

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      With the death of one man, history was forever changed.

      Transport yourself to this point in time and bear witness to the 7 Utterances of Christ on the Cross. With this book, Reverend Marc G. Cowden reveals the spiritual meaning of Christ’s last words, how they form a bridge between Eastern and Western religious traditions, and how they can lead you on the path to enlightenment.

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“This booklet is a moving and compelling document of faith and devotion which insightfully describes the last words of Christ.”
Dr. Frederick Parrella, Professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University

“A unique and multidimensional perspective on spirituality and Christ. Marc Cowden goes well beyond the standard views of personal growth and evolution! A definite read for those who seek to raise the bar on their understanding of God.” —Rama Gali,
Financial Advisor

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